Dog of the Day: Australian Shepherd/Rottweiler Mix

Happened upon this pup out in front of a Petfood Express, hence I’m not sure of the breed. But the merle pattern sure is gorgeous.

(Today I learned about ‘ticking’! And I learned that this isn’t it, because that happens only on the white parts of dogs’ coats. Okay then.)

It’s funny: there are a lot of dogs that greet you enthusiastically, jumping up and down, delighted to see you. But there’s a subtle difference with a few dogs, like this one and another Rottie mix: a lot of dogs greet you like you’re the most important thing in the world. These dogs greet you like you’re their long-lost brother. Not ‘OH MY GOD OH MY GOD IT’S YOU!!!’ but more like ‘Oh man, it’s great to see you. I can’t stop smiling!’ A subtle difference, maybe, but I really love running into dogs like that.

Rottweiler/Australian Shepherd Mix

He was very, very alert. Watching every car that went by. When I walked up, he transferred 100% of his attention to me.

Rottweiler/Australian Shepherd Mix

Someone should start a blog of goofy dog tongue pictures.

Rottweiler/Australian Shepherd Mix

The sheer amount of happy this guy was putting out could light up a room.

Rottweiler/Australian Shepherd Mix

Aww. Hard to say goodbye.

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