Dog of the Day: Basenji

I went out this morning with a camera that I got late last year and have barely, between being sick early in the year and homebound right now, been able to use at all. It’s a handheld Panasonic, with a 10x zoom and an oversized sensor.

I have to say, I’m somewhat disappointed at the quality, at least at the long end of the zoom. It was super-bright outside, and I had exposure bracketing on, and it has optical image stabilization, so I should have had at least some pictures that were sharp, even if they were the dark ones. I got almost nothing sharp. I’ll have to spend some more time with it, and see if I was just screwing things up myself.

Anyway, I did run across this cutie, and he’s the first basenji we’ve had since forever.

Squinting Basenji

I wonder if they’re all that spotty under their coats?

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Basenji

  1. Debbie Buttcher says:

    I never seen one before and now I think I have one he is so sweet he stands a lot on his 2 feet I never seen that before he grabs everything of the countertop so fast. Can you tell me how there are with other dogs and Children. He never barks and that hard to no that he has to go out to the bathroom and he don’t go by the door so now I am outside about 5 6x with him I am trying to potty trained him.

    • Adam Lang says:

      You probably do have a basenji: they’re one of the few breeds that don’t bark, although sometimes when they’re excited they can make some pretty funny noises. Usually they’re pretty good with other dogs, not always SUPER outgoing but usually pretty friendly as long as they got to be social when they were puppies. (If not, they can still learn, it just might take longer.) They can be a little protective, and aren’t always the friendliest towards humans, although that also depends a lot on what they learned when they were puppies.

      As for children, once he’s adopted your family, I’m pretty sure you’ll be good to go, but honestly I’ve never dealt with one with children myself so I don’t know for sure.

      Any pictures of him online? If so, do post a link or two here, I’d love to see them!

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