Election Day Puppies

I think we all need some puppies to get us through the day. So meet Denali (the German shepherd/husky/doberman mix), Bixby (the female tricolor Aussie) and Finn (the male merle Aussie). Finn weighs almost twice as much as Bixby, but they’re brother and sister, from the same litter, both aged 17 weeks. Finn is gonna be huuuuuge!

Also Bixby and Finn both have instagrams, at Bixbytheminiaussie and wigglebuttadventures (!) respectively. You should visit them. They are full of an incredible amount of cuteness. Denali is no relation to either of them, they are just instant friends.

No captions and no hovertext for today’s adventure. Too much cuteness, sass, and attitude for me to capture with mere words. (Although check out the first three. Amazing how thoroughly Bixby is able to tangle herself up in her own leash. That takes talent!)

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