Dog of the Day: Brooke the Siberian Husky Goof

Brooke, also known as Brookie, is a three year old goof!

Goofy-Looking Siberian Husky With Dyed Ears
Her ears are STILL yellow because of a ‘tragic’ Halloween incident last year.
Siberian Husky With Heterochromia Looking Extremely Derpy
Okay, this is blurry. I still think it has enough character to be worth posting, don’t you?
Siberian Husky With Heterochromia Sticking His Nose Into The Camera
Anyway, right, Halloween. Apparently she had her ears dyed to look like candy corn. Which is hilarious.
Siberian Husky Being An Incredible Happy Goof
It was water-soluble dye! It was supposed to wash right out. Apparently… not so much.
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