Chewie the Brussels Griffon

This is one of those breeds that, at least in some members, always looks annoyed. I am sure they have their own range of expression, and that once you’ve had one for a while you know what moods they’re in, but to me, this pup (whom mom assured me was perfectly happy to be out walking) totally looks like he’s impatient to get back home and vedge out in front of the TV.

Also, I think he’s ‘Chewie’ (as in Chewbacca) but he might just as well be Chui.

Brussels Griffon

Apparently the Brussels Griffon comes from a progenitor line of anti-rodent dogs. Unsurprising, given the size.

Brussels Griffon

The shock of white hair with the black beard and mustache reminds me of something, but I can't figure out what.

Brussels Griffon

Wait... I know what it reminds me of. That's not Chewbacca! That's totally an Ewok!

Brussels Griffon

Okay, not just Ewok. There's also some muppet ancestry in there too.

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  1. Oh my GOSH!! Chewie looks adorable as usual!! Give him big hugs from me and the Griffs!

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