Dog of the Day: Georgie the Goldendoodle

I have been remiss in my posts. So sorry! It’s complicated being a vagrant migrant temporarily displaced person, and taking care of a giant ball of goof and love is a task too! But I will soldier on.

Today, say hello to Georgie (10), a pup I ran into earlier today myself. She is actually a San Francisco resident, though she, like me, has been temporarily displaced to Berkeley due to complications with her living arrangements, to whit her folks going off on a cruise without her. Shame on them! I bet Georgie would have been delighted to come along.

Posting from my phone, which doesn’t seem to allow captions or hover text? Anyway, I got several good pictures of Georgie seated, but I think this one captures her essence better: broad, gentle smile, broad, gentle wag.

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