Dog of the Day: Penny the German Shepherd Mix

What a pretty pup! Almost dingo-y.

German Shepherd Mix

Smiley face! Also looks a little coyote-ish.

German Shepherd Mix

The forehead almost looks basenji-ish. So concerned!

German Shepherd Mix

Definitely coyote-y, and also foxy.

German Shepherd Mix

And dance-y as well!

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15 Responses to Dog of the Day: Penny the German Shepherd Mix

  1. Prestiana says:

    My dog looks similar to her, just a different color & I’m still struggling trying to figure out what she could be mixed with lol

  2. Jeannie says:

    Wow I wish I could post a picture because my dog literally looks just like her! Do you know her breed? I’ve been searching for ages and I always joke she’s part coyote lol.

    • Adam Lang says:

      If you like you can post links to pictures in the comments section. (If you don’t have any online, a good place to upload them is

      Does your dog have any black hairs at all, anywhere? (Skin, like around the mouth, doesn’t count, has to be hairs.) If not, I smell a recessive red. Which means that one of your dog’s parents could very well be entirely black, and the other one could be basically any coloration. The muzzle shape says something to me but I can’t quite figure out what, aside from ‘fox’.

  3. Ricardo G says:

    Was the mix ever figured out? I have the exact looking male version.

    • Adam Lang says:

      I’m afraid not. Ever thought of one of those dna tests? They’re not 100% accurate (not even 75%) but they can at least give some ideas.

  4. Marriah says:

    My dog is a similar size and has the same shaped snout. She’s definitely mixed with German Shepherd, but I can’t figure out what else. I was thinking fox also because of the shape and look of her face.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Well, dogs and foxes can’t interbreed (kind of surprising since wolves AND coyotes can interbreed with dogs). Still no real idea what this pup was. Pretty adorable though.

  5. Jasmine Gonzales says:

    Does anyone one have a puppy exactly like this one for sale? I’m interesting in one .

  6. Shannon says:

    My dogs are adopted from Lebanon, I th8nk they’re GSD x Basenji, the retriever of Africa.

  7. B says:

    Carolina Dog, look into those.

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