Dog of the Day: PJ the German Shepherd/Beagle Mix

PJ is a rescue dog, and his dad told me something that ranks pretty high in my ‘saddest things I’ve ever heard about a dog’: PJ doesn’t like being petted. At all. By anyone.

Hopefully he’s still recovering from whatever awful experiences he had before being rescued, and will someday be able to enjoy skritches, as a dog should.

German Shepherd/Beagle Mix

The slightly-out but mostly-saggy ears make him look even sadder.

Beagle/German Shepherd Mix

...until he does this.

Beagle/German Shepherd Mix

Fortunately, PJ's well-trained, and doesn't get pissy if someone tries to pet him, he just slinks away a bit.

Beagle/German Shepherd Mix

A perfect 'baroo?' moment.

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6 Responses to Dog of the Day: PJ the German Shepherd/Beagle Mix

  1. Dez says:

    just got a German/ Beagle Mix that looks like that about a year ago!!!

  2. Monica J Welcker says:

    This is identical to my dog, Giles!! I wonder if they’re related! She is a super mutt, but I’m assuming similar mix to this guy!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Could well be.

      We want pictures! Do you have any online? If so, put links to them in a comment. If not, is a good place to go to upload pictures. And then get links and put them in a comment!

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