Caturday Supplement: Store Kitteh

I know, I know, I posted a St. Patrick’s Dog instead of a cat last Caturday! To make up for it, this cat is extra-floofy.

(I don’t think this was an official store kitty. I think he was just in there for one day, because I have been in the store before and since, and haven’t seen him.)

Floofy Cat

I knelt down, and as soon as the kitty saw that he ran right over. I had to keep backing up in order to fit him in the frame, because he was so affectionate. This is a 'meow' of frustration.

Poofly Kitty

The nose is so light pink it's practically white.

Fuzzy Kitty

Eventually he just sat down, inferring (correctly!) that if I just got all this photography out of my system, there would be some petting afterwards.

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