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Sunday Switchup: Let’s Play ‘Spot The Wildlife’

You might have to zoom in a bit (click on the photo to see it larger, or click here in order to see the full-sized picture) to see: three dark-grey/black wading birds (could these be little blue herons?) five turtles … Continue reading

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Happy Turkey Day!

Autumn and my brother and I went out to eat at a place recommended by a friend for Thanksgiving dinner, ‘Hs. Lordships‘. It’s in the middle of the Berkeley marina, stuck way out in the bay. Gorgeous view. Humongous buffet. … Continue reading

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Seen in San Francisco: Happy Honeybee

Guess we still have a hive or two in the city. Makes sense, really: it doesn’t generally get cold enough for them to go inactive in SF, so the mites and fungi and such can’t get them nearly as badly. … Continue reading

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