Dog of the Day: Twisted-Up Husky

Someone pulled a little too hard and in the wrong direction, I think.

Siberian Husky Wearing Halter Lead That Is All Twisted Up Around Her Muzzle

Those things are supposed to be the gentle solution. This pup had to work pretty hard to manage that.

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Dog of the Day: Border Collie

It was dark outside, so although this pup spent the entire time I was there going back and forth and hugging (no, literally hugging, wrapping paws around and everything) these two guys, I only got this one shot with one of them standing in the way. Sorry about that. But I think her expression says it all.

Border Collie Hugging Man

Okay, okay, so it’s probably bad form to let a dog do that. I find it so hard to care.

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Dog of the Day: Roxy the Scruffalicious Pupper

Okay, that’s not her ‘official’ breed, which is labradoodle, but she’ll always be a scruffalicious pupper to me, even when she gets older than her current five months.

Scruffy Labradoodle Puppy

Yes, that’s not a trick of the camera, that’s her real coloration.

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Caturday Supplement: Macy’s Window Kitten

Some cats in the Macy’s window display spend all their time sleeping. Some spend all their time playing. And some spend all their time looking out at all the people who are looking in at them.

Kitten In Macy's San Francisco Window Display

The two times I’ve been down to Macy’s for the exhibit, it’s been 100% cats. WHERE ARE THE PUPPIES?? WE WANT PUPPIES TOO!

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Dog of the Day: Gia the German Shepherd Puppy ( aka #GiaTheShep )

Gia is 4 months old, and as hyper as you would expect. And according to my notes, Gia’s parents are trying to get the hashtag ‘#GiaTheShep’ started. Well, they probably mean on Instagram, but now it’s on Twitter too, so there!

German Shepherd Puppy With Gigantic Ears And A Black Face

Sometimes the ears go up early. Hers are as long as her entire muzzle, which is hilarious.

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Dog of the Day: Homer the Schnauzer Poodle Mix

Homer (1.5 years old) and his mom were staring into the Macy’s holiday SPCA windows at an adorable playing kitten. I thinkĀ someone wants a little brother or sister!

Woman Holding Schnauzer Poodle Mix While They Both Look In A Store Window

Homer would have been content to watch the show for hours. He was completely captivated. Even petting wasn’t as interesting.

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Dog of the Day: Pappy the Great Dane

I mistyped the title as ‘Pappy the Great Date’. Twice. Think I might be trying to suggest something subconsciously.

Great Dane With Ears That Stick Out To The Sides

I was on my way up an escalator when I saw Pappy on the way down the stairs. Priorities, people! I was back at the bottom in a flash.

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I am not feeling well and have now spent 15 minutes trying to get a photo from my phone onto my blog and heck with it I am going to bed.

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Sunday Switchup: Iwanna Iguana

I met Kila on a MUNI F-line streetcar the other day. He is quite a beast.

Man Holding Iguana

You see all sorts of funny things on MUNI, but this is my first iguana.

Very Large Iguana

He has a very expressive face for a lizard, doesn’t he?

Man With Iguana Looking Over His Shoulder

He kept his eye on me for several minutes, over dad’s shoulder. I guess I’m a suspicious character.

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Caturday Supplement: Tuxedo Kitty

Autumn’s aunt has a few kitties. This is one of the sillier ones.

Edit: I officially loathe this new WordPress editor. Among other things, it does not appear to support hovertext/tooltips at all. Just… ‘oh hey we don’t need those any more’. I’ll need to see if I can find another way to make them.

Tuxedo Cat Sniffing At A Box
Her kitties had varying degrees of friendliness. This one didn’t much want to say hi to me.
Tuxedo Cat Looking Extremely Goofy
She did, however, have a pretty goofy face.
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