Guess Who’s Back?

The triumphant return of Adam’s laptop is almost immediately followed by the triumphant return of… well… this ridiculous 8-week-old puppy! Who, by the way, doesn’t have a name yet, as she had only been picked up the day before when I got these pictures, but you can call her EEEEEEEEEEeeeEEeeEEEE!

Her Frenchie friend is 3, and is named Gus. His dad is a police officer, and he is an emotional support animal. He spends the day at New Century Bail Bonds, across the street from the courthouse and county jail, while his dad works. I can’t vouch for their services personally, having not had occasion to use a bail bond company in recent memory ahem ahem, but any place that lets a dog like Gus hang around all day is probably an all right establishment.

8-Week-Old Husky Puppy

It sounds like this pup, whatever her name turns out to be, might be hanging out here during the days too, at least sometimes.

Photographer Scratching Neck Of 8-Week-Old Husky Puppy

Almost makes being arrested worthwhile!

Woman Removing Tag From 8-Week-Old Husky's Collar

That’s mom’s hands. She works at a local sushi restaurant, so obviously the pup can’t stay with her during the day.

Woman Removing Tag From 8-Week-Old Husky's Collar

And, well, the bail bond place is right around the corner, and tends to have a lot of down time, so…

At exactly the age where they look most like stuffed animals.

8-Week-Old Husky Puppy

A stuffed animal with sunglasses.

French Bulldog And 8-Week-Old Husky Puppy Sniffing Noses

They spent the entire time I was there alternately sniffing and playing.

Blurry Picture Of Eight Week Old Husky Puppy Grinning Happily

Argh. If there were a single picture that I would pay money to un-blurrify, this might well be it. It is SO PERFECT.

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Dog of the Day: Puppy Preview (With Fuzzy Friend)

My computer is in for repair! Nothing exciting or particularly unexpected: the anti-glare coating on the screen has been flaking off for a while and I finally decided, sort of on the spur of the moment, to go in and have it fixed. (Under warranty, thank goodness.) But this means I don’t have my usual photo editing software, nor all my giant pile of un-posted photos. So consider this a preview post, of a ridiculously adorable puppy and her new best friend that I ran across today. Trust me, there will be more.

Six-Week-Old Husky Puppy Playing With French Bulldog

These two are going to be lifelong friends.

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Dog of the Day: Shy Little Pup

I did a quick sub-in for Autumn and watched this little pup for a few hours. When I got there, her folks and several other people were there and making a lot of noise, and she was seriously stressed out. And as they started mobilizing to leave, she ran down the hall and disappeared. I wandered after her (wasn’t concerned, front door was closed) and she was hiding in the bathroom, so I guarded the door. As everyone was tramping out of the apartment she bolted out of the bathroom towards the back bedroom and promptly hid under the bed.

I found out why a little bit later. Apparently before she hid in the bathroom she had expressed her displeasure at all the noise and the change in her routine by pooping on the carpet in one of the bedrooms, and then she got all ashamed. Poor pup.

Puppy Hiding Under Bed

You can even see the piece of treat I tried to give her, and then when she wouldn’t take it from me, that I left next to her. She wouldn’t even eat it.

Puppy Hiding Under Bed With Treat Balanced On Her Paw

Yes, I balanced the treat on her paw. She STILL didn’t want it.

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Dog of the Day: Abby the Rat Terrier Mix

Abby is the pup of one of my coworkers, and she is an utter sweetheart. Sure, she occasionally gets a little overexcited when another dog comes to visit, but that’s only because she wants to play so! much!

Rat Terrier Mix

I’ve seen dogs with more winsome expressions, but not ones who can hold them all the time.

Rat Terrier Mix


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Dog of the Day: Evil, Vicious, Feral Malamute

Clearly a killer… killer!

Malamute Sticking Out His Mouth

I wonder… was there a ‘bonamute’ to go with the ‘malamute’? But what would be better than a malamute?

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Dog of the Day: Doughall the Whatchamadog

This is Doughall! He’s a whatchamadog, and it hardly matters.

Fluffy Unknown Mixed Breed Dog

I’m gonna guess maybe some border collie. Not just the floof and the color, but also the stare.

Fluffy Unknown Mixed Breed Dog Licking His Own Tongue


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Caturday Supplement: Berkeley Antquikitty

This is a cat I run into periodically in the front window of an antiques store in Berkeley. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve posted him here at least once before. However, if so, it’s been several years, so I’m pretty sure I’m allowed under Blog Convention #38 to post him again.

Tuxedo Cat Sitting Next To Antique Display Case

Not sure I’ve ever seen the cat when the place was open.

Tuxedo Kitten In Antique Shop

Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the place open, period.

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Dog of the Day: Zamoni the Taiwanese Whatchamapup

Zamboni! Zamboni is an adorable import: made in Taiwan in 2013, of 100% recycled parts. Or something like that.

Taiwanese Street Dog In San Francisco

I seem to recall Zamboni not being entirely comfortable with strangers, and this body language bears that out.

Taiwanese Street Dog In San Francisco

Ear exercises: Back! Up! Sides! Up! Repeat!

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Dog of the Day: Tiberius (aka Tibby) the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Poodle Mix

I have been sitting on Tiberius for a few weeks (no not literally sheesh stop that), and it’s utterly inexcusable. He is one of Autumn’s customers, and is ridiculously sweet and adorable and sharp-toothed.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to come up with any good hovertext or captions for this many pictures on this very uninspired night, so you’re going to have to suffer with just pictures of this puppy. Poor you!

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Dog of the Day: Long-Haired Chihuahua

This is yesterday’s pup’s sibling. Much older sibling. Much older and grumpier and savaged Autumn’s hand when she went to take care of him sibling. First time Autumn’s had one of her charges draw blood on her (aside from puppy-bites, puppy-scratches, and kitten-scratches) since she started working with animals.

Yes. He is a grump.


Woman Holding Long-Haired Chihuahua Blep

He had just moved from another city, into a totally new place.

Long Haired Chihuahua In Speed Bump Position On The Carpet

Which to be fair is stressful even for humans, who know what is happening, and usually why.

Long Haired Chihuahua In Speed Bump Position On The Carpet

Still, that’s no reason to take it out on Autumn, you naughty pup.

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