Dog of the Day: Portobello the Lagotto Romagnolo

Portobello (1, a boy) is only the second Italian water spaniel we’ve ever had, although we’ve featured Bosco quite a few times, since he’s a friend of the blog.

Portobello, though, is the first one with an awesome instagram.

Lagotto Romagnolo Wearing Cute Little Sneakers
Apparently these days Lagottos tend to be used for hunting truffles.
Man With Italian Water Spaniel Wearing Cute Little Sneakers
I want to go truffle-hunting now.
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Dog of the Day: Kukur the Bichon Frisé Rottweiler Mix

Now there’s a mix for ya! Kukur is 15, and still a star, with his own instagram account and everything.

Scruffy Fluffy Blond Bichon Frisé Rottweiler Mix Lying In The Grass
Kukur still does like running around the park! But he was a lot easier to take pictures of when he was relaxing in the grass.
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Double Dog Day: Leo the Maltese Pomeranian And Eleanor the Maltese

Leo and Eleanor are both six, and they’re the best of friends.

Not just with each other. With pretty much anybody, really.

Maltese Dog And Maltese Pomeranian Mix Looking Very Happy
Leo is the one with the longer fur. Unsurprisingly, since he’s half Pomeranian.
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Dog of the Day: Vegas the Pug/Beagle Mix (Again)

We’ve seen Vegas the puggle once before, way back in 2015! I hadn’t seen her in the Al’s Attire window since around 2017 or so, but here she is once again, lazing about in the sun and keeping an eye on the merchandise.

Site Note: I’m definitely planning on setting up a link with Instagram. I’ve had several people ask, so I thought I’d just mention it. But right now I’m concentrating on being kicked out of my apartment (temporarily) and therefore having to pack up my entire life and flee for several months.

Old Puggle Relaxing In A Store Window
It’s always nice to see an old blog friend still around!
Old Puggle Relaxing In A Store Window
I interrupted her nap. Didn’t even Sorry, pup!
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Three Dogs One (Birth)Day: Gucci, Coco, and Baby Girl

Ran into these three today, there mostly-poodles-and-a-little-Chihuahua, and I had to post them even though it’s Sunday. Why? Because it is Baby Girl’s first birthday! So let’s all go on Instagram (shirleybaby2) and wish her a happy birthday!

Three Small Grey Poodle Mixes In The Front Seat Of An SUV With A Smiling Man
Left is Gucci, middle is Coco, and the one on the right is, of course, Baby Girl.
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Puppy of the Day: Chingon? The Boerboel?

I’m not certain this is Chingon but I don’t know who else it could be. Is he really a Boerboel? (A South African mastiff?) I dunno. I just know he’s a cutie.

Sorry about the lighting, but I think the picture’s still worth it.

Black And White Puppy With Spotty Belly Looking Dubious
I’ve never seen a South African mastiff so I really don’t know, but this isn’t the most common coloration that I find online when I google them.
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Dog of the Day: Sarcastic Poodle

This one seems a little dubious about me.

Black Poodle With Very Sarcastic Expression
Not sure if this is a big mini or a small standard.
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Doggie Bag of the Day

We haven’t had a doggie bag in some time!

Chihuahua Sticking His Head Out Of A Knapsack
Big backpack! Plenty of room for laptop, books, and pup.
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Dog of the Day: Chubbs the Newfoundland Dog

The first thing I said when I saw Chubbs was ‘oh my God is he a puppy?’ After hearing that no, he was two, I said, ‘Wow, he’s a grown-up, but he’s so little!’ His mom thought that was hilarious, and said, ‘Yeah, he is very small for a Newfie, but most people tell me how huge he is!’ Everything’s relative, I guess.

Brown Newfoundland Dog With Amber Eyes
I haven’t seen a Newfie in aaaaages. They’re definitely not in the top fifty breeds in SF.
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Double Dog Day: Mary Poppins the Cardigan Pembroke Mix and Gatsby the Australian Shepherd

I love these two! What a perfect combination. Mary is 1, and a complete rambunctious rascal, and Gatsby is 13 and… another one!

Cardigan Pembroke Mix Corgi And Red Merle Australian Shepherd Grinning At The Camera
Is this really our first Pembroke Cardie mix? They seem to be a lot rarer than most other corgi mixes for some reason.
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