Dog of the Day: Basenji

I went out this morning with a camera that I got late last year and have barely, between being sick early in the year and homebound right now, been able to use at all. It’s a handheld Panasonic, with a 10x zoom and an oversized sensor.

I have to say, I’m somewhat disappointed at the quality, at least at the long end of the zoom. It was super-bright outside, and I had exposure bracketing on, and it has optical image stabilization, so I should have had at least some pictures that were sharp, even if they were the dark ones. I got almost nothing sharp. I’ll have to spend some more time with it, and see if I was just screwing things up myself.

Anyway, I did run across this cutie, and he’s the first basenji we’ve had since forever.

Squinting Basenji

I wonder if they’re all that spotty under their coats?

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Dog of the Day: Toby the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy

Another mystery. How did I not post Toby when I first took his picture, a couple years ago, when he was 4 months old? He has a lovely instagram page, too, which you should totally check out.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy Looking Dubious

He was an Airbnb pup, back when I was working in that building.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

I ran into him again under a table during lunch. He was picking up crumbs.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

He had a lot of friends, too. Not shown here was a Lab puppy that he’s looking at.

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Dog of the Day: Marlowe the Australian Cattle Dog Mix Puppy

I went out and was very careful to maintain my social distance in a dog park a couple days ago. This weekend I’m going to do it again, only this time I’m going to remember to bring the camera with the zoom lens.

Fortunately, Marlowe (5 months old) was happy to come close enough to show off his ridiculous ears. They go floop floop floop when he walks, and FLOOPFLOOPFLOOPFLOOPFLOOP when he runs. I can’t imagine what the ACD is mixed with, but I’d love to spend a bunch more time with him trying to figure it out.

No captions and no hovertext today. There’s just too much cute in there. I can’t handle it.

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Dog of the Day: Labrador Retriever Mix

This fellow’s name is not, in fact, Jones. Or, at least, if it is, it’s quite a coincidence.

I am not sure what he is. Maybe a Lab mix, but also maybe some kind of German pointer mix? Anyone have any ideas?

Labrador Retriever Mix

Poor pup seems to still be a bit freaked out by people wearing masks.

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Sunday Switchup: San Francisco Sweets Review, Brioche Bakery Brioche French Toast

Okay, some people would say that this was brunch and not dessert. And I say, ‘this is DESSERT for BRUNCH’. Nyah.

Unfortunately, it frankly just wasn’t all that good dessert for brunch. Some of Brioche Bakery’s stuff is quite good, including their sandwiches, salads, egg dishes, and macarons. But this was just average French toast. Texture, meh. Taste, well, it tasted like French toast. With berries. And, to be fair, real maple syrup. And the whipped cream was clearly homemade and fresh, since it had half deflated by the time it got to me, literally less than 20 minutes after I ordered and less than 10 minutes after it was picked up. But overall, meh. 2 out of 5. ‘Fine if there’s nothing else to eat.’

Brioche French Toast From Brioche Bakery, San Francisco

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Dog of the Day: Judah the Golden Retriever Puppy

I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT I NEVER POSTED THIS PICTURE! 11 weeks old, and so. Damn. Cute!

Woman Holding Golden Retriever Puppy

He was so good at posing and keeping still. At age 11 weeks!

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Dog of the Day: Horacio the Yorkshire Terrier

I dogsat quite some time ago for Horacio and his younger sister, and posted a picture of them a while back. Well, here’s another pic of Horacio, doing what he does best: yawning, and sticking out his tongue much farther than any tongue has a right to stick.

Yorkshire Terrier Sticking His Tongue Way Out

I know they’re wider, but I’m not sure I’ve seen even a Great Dane tongue that was longer.

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Dog of the Day: Marty the HUMONGOUSLY FLOOFY Keeshund Puppy!

Another pup I ran into last week, only this one is an actual pup (7 months old). Marty is going to be gigantic for a Keeshond when he grows up!

No hovertext or captions, too much cute!

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Dog of the Day: Lilac the German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix

I ran across Lilac (3) last week. She looks terribly vicious, doesn’t she?

German Shepherd Husky Mix Wearing A Muzzle

Lilac is a complete sweetheart. The muzzle is because she has a leeeeeettle bit of aggression issues against other dogs, but only when she’s on leash.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Wearing A Muzzle

Someday soon I will pet this dog. Oh yes.

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Dog of the Day: Rocket the Formosan Mountain Dog

I ran out this afternoon to pick up a package, and ran into a few pups. This one is Rocket, a one year old Formosan mountain dog who was rescued from the streets of Taiwan.

Black dogs are murder to photograph in the sun, but this didn’t come out too badly.

Formosan Mountain Dog

For a pup raised on the streets, she sure is a friendly sort. She was almost as frustrated as I was that I couldn’t pet her.

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