Dog of the Day: Golden Retriever Mix

Autumn is taking care of this fine specimen, or at least was a few days ago.

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Dog of the Day: Diego the Miniature Dire Wolf

Diego the klee kai miniature dire wolf is 11 weeks old in these pictures, and devastatingly adorable. There are many more pictures of him at his instagram (called ‘Diego the miniature dire wolf’, natch), which I am sure I don’t even have to encourage you to visit.

Woman Holding Klee Kai Puppy With Startlingly Blue Eyes

Yes, of COURSE the jacket was chosen to match Diego’s eyes. Who wouldn’t?

Woman Holding Klee Kai Puppy With Startlingly Blue Eyes


Woman Holding Klee Kai Puppy With Startlingly Blue Eyes

I took a dozen pictures where I fit both of them together into the frame, and all of them had the shadow of my own damn fat head right over Diego’s face. Bah.

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Caturday Supplement: Siamese


Siamese Cat Lying On Wooden Thingie

I wish I could get a shot of a cat actually using this thing. It’s a cat treadmill/hamster-wheel, but all they do — lazy kitties! — is lay around in it.

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Dog of the Day: Fia the Skye Terrier

Don’t see a lot of these gals around!

Skye Terrier

Someone needs a bath and a brushing.

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Octuple Dog Day: Wags!

I always tell people that the front window of Wags on Polk Street is the best show in town, and the front window of Wags keeps proving me right.

Gaggle Of Dogs At A Grooming Parlor

I love the fact that all of them look really serious except that one in the back that is giving me the side-eye and grinning.

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Dog of the Day: Pizza the Dachshund

Funny: it seems like dachshunds and corgis are the breeds that are most likely to be named after food. Pizza (2, and a boy) did not tell me why he was named that way, but I bet he’d like some nevertheless.

Woman Holding Blond Dachshund In Her Lap

A blond foofly wiener! With super-pettable ears!

Woman Holding Blond Dachshund In Her Lap

Did he just wave at me? I think he just waved at me!

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Instead of a Dog, a Story

Today you get to hear about the latest trials and tribulations that have afflicted Adam and his pet Lummox. Because I feel like it.

I spent the day at an amazing little coffee shop/restaurant/candy store called ‘Peace’s at Bunn Gourmet‘. And then when I knocked off for the day, I headed back to the vee-hickle, let myself in, and then decided to do some work fixing stuff up before I went to bed. Slave, slave, slave, that’s all I ever do these days. So I went out to get my toolboxes, figuring I’d repair a couple of broken cabinet doors and maybe try my hand at fixing a bad wire. And then I realized that my glue wasn’t in my toolbox, but in my parts box, so I went back out and — no, really, these details become important later — and found the glue, and went to go back inside.

And I gave the door handle a pull and it felt harder to open than usual (it’s usually pretty stiff, though) so I pulled harder, and… it snapped. Not off, mind you. It just sits in the open position. All except a tiny sliver of it. Which, as I learned, is both not big enough to provide the leverage necessary to open the door and as sharp as a razor.

Now, one might think, “Well, maybe you could open this up with a pair of pliers.” At least, I did. But one might also think “Wait, didn’t I just bring my toolboxes inside?” I did have wood glue, but I was pretty sure that wasn’t going to be much help. So I went off to the gentleman manning the booth at a nearby gas station to ask if he had any pliers.

He didn’t. So, desperate, I flagged down the only woman at the gas station and asked her if she had any tools with her. And lo, indeed she did! She had screwdrivers and not one but TWO pairs of pliers. And I grabbed the needle-nose and walked back and click! Door open!

I gave her the pliers back, and went inside, then thought, “I should do something nice for her! What do I have? Oh, I know, I have some chocolates!” I then came running out, shouting, “Wait, wait! Don’t go away just yet! I’ll be right back.”

You can guess where this is going, right?

Yeah. I was ‘right back’. To sheepishly admit that I had in fact closed the door after myself when I’d run out of the Lummox to tell her that I would be right back, and now I couldn’t get it open again. So she got out the pliers again, trying to snicker quietly rather than as loudly as I really deserved, and I opened the door, and arranged some chocolates in a box for her, and this time when I walked out, not only did I leave the door open, but I had TWO pairs of my own pliers in my pocket, just in case.

Ugh. And now I have to figure out how to fix a goddamn door handle on a 30-year-old bus. What it really needs is welding, but I’d rather not wait the several months it would take for me to learn how to weld.

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Double Dachshund Day

Welp, my laptop has 3% battery left, I’m parked in a Sam’s Club parking lot for the night, and I don’t much feel like wasting gas turning on the generator, so you get a post of these two Dogs of Illinois. Let’s call them ‘Honorary Dogs of San Francisco.’

The older one loved me. The younger one was dubious. They had a third sibling, a German Shepherd, but she was so terrified of me that I couldn’t even get a picture.

The attitude was ‘Great Guardian of the Car’.

His attitude was ‘I have an itch in my neck… yeah, right THERE.’

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Sunday Switchup: Lake Springfield

I took a rather… ambitious bike ride yesterday, up to Springfield and back in a big circle. I estimated 50 miles but it turned out to ‘only’ be 46. And I did, to be fair, have an electric bicycle helping me. However, I also had more than 30 pounds on my back for more than half of the way. My shoulders are still sore, as are my legs, and both of them will probably be more so tomorrow.

Oh, also, the return half was done in the dark. Which was mostly very nice, interspersed with the occasional moment of utter terror.

Night View From Bridge Over Water

There’s a little bitty bridge that cuts Lake Springfield in half. Almost nobody seems to use it, especially at night. I can’t imagine why not, nor why, in that case, it was built at all. But it made a great bike route!

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Dog of the Day: Sadie the Australian Shepherd/”Lots Of Things” Mix

My notes are sparse, but what I think they mean is that Sadie’s folks know she’s an Aussie on one side and a mutt on the other. I do have down that she’s 7, and I’m going to hazard a guess that there’s some dachshund in there.

Tricolor Mutt

I’m definitely seeing dachshund in that face.

Tricolor Mutt

Oh, and the legs. Those too.

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