Dog of the Day: Mikkilee the Icelandic Sheepdog

What have we here? Another first! Mikkilee (male, 10) is our first-ever pure Icelandic sheepdog, and what a gorgeous breed!

No hovertext or captions, because I’m just not feeling it today.

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Dog of the Day: Claire the West Highland White Terrier

Is Claire a puppy? Yes! Is she fifteen years old? ALSO YES! She is also completely blind, but had good enough hearing and smell to come over and say hello to me during her walk.

West Highland White Terrier In An Aqua Sweater
Seriously, would you guess this dog was fifteen?
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Dog of the Day: Para the American Akita Puppy

Two notes on Para (a girl, and six months old). First one: she is delightfully goofy. Goofier than any other akita I’ve run across, although I’m very short on akita puppies so far. Second one: oh my god, she’s only six months old and already this big? I know akitas are normally pretty large but she’s gonna be a giant!

White American Akita With Dark Brown Head
Haven’t seen an akita in ages: over six years! I wonder where they all got to?
White American Akita With Dark Brown Head
A+++ dog, would wrestle any time.
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Dog of the Day: Sidney the German Shepherd Mix Puppy

Sidney was 7 months old when I took this picture… he’s going to be a big boy! And he already is a very very good boy, with impeccable manners. Or at least he was when I met him.

German Shepherd Mix Puppy Tilting His Head Sideways
I made a funny noise, and he immediately tilted his head.
German Shepherd Mix Dog With Perfect Folded-Down Ears
The most perfect folded-down ears I have ever seen.

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Dog of the Day: Atka the Siberian Husky Maybe Akita Or Something

I can’t help but feel that Atka (male, 12 years old) has to have some sort of ‘long dog’ in his bloodline, whether that’s dachshund, corgi, basset, or whatever. His dad only knew that he was part husky (obviously). He said that the father was an akita, and that his littermates looked like akita/husky mixes. If I had to guess, I’d say that in this case the litter had multiple fathers, something that’s not too unusual in the swingin’ doggie set.

Siberian Husky Mix Grinning
[Insert joke about him being a little husky here.]
Closeup Of Siberian Husky Face
Huskies can have very soulful faces, if the goofy grin is out of frame.
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Dog of the Day: Bernadoodle Puppy

Pretty sure he’s a Bernadoodle, though I don’t have any notes on him. I’m absolutely sure he’s adorable, though.

Adorable Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle Mix Puppy
There really are eyes in there, I promise.
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Dog of the Day: Scruffy Pupper

I didn’t get anything about this pup in my notes. I just remember that she wanted nothing whatsoever to do with me.

Scruffy Dog Licking Her Lips
Her mom even gave me a treat for her. It did not help in the slightest.

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Caturday Supplement: Pino and Cayenne

Autumn’s cat-sitting these two ‘gooves’ (plural of goof, of course) and sent me this picture. So unfair that one of the like 0.1% of pictures on here that I didn’t take are also one of the 0.1% best pictures on the site, but oh well.

Pino, AKA JalapeƱo Pepper, is a cat that I cat sat a while ago. Alas, his companion passed on since then, but he got a new sibling, Cayenne Pepper. They get along very well.

A Cat In A Satchel Being Inspected By Another Cat
I think maybe I ought to make up greeting cards with this on them for the dogblogstore.
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Okay, stay with me, now, because this is confusing.

I have, in my notes for this pup, ‘LubyByTheBay on Instagram, f 15 wks’. And I thought, what an unusual name! Luby! And I went to that page on Instagram and there was nothing there. So I did some more searching and found ‘LeviByTheBay’, a golden retriever, and thought ohhhh! Hey, wait, didn’t I post a Levi a couple months ago? Hey, maybe this is the same dog! Except that I went to LeviByTheBay and he’s about a year too old to be either that Levi puppy or this one. SO CONFUSING!

But I did a little more poking around and discovered LucyByTheBay. And I don’t know if I misheard or just typoed, but in either case, I’m pretty sure this is Lucy, and if not, it’s certainly Almost Lucy.

Fluffy Golden Retriever Puppy
Lucy was hanging around outside our local cheese shop. And being a very good girl even though the place smells very strongly of YUMMY CHEESE.
Fluffy Golden Retriever Puppy With Ears Flapping
Autumn calls this head-fur-style a ‘puppy fro’. I just call it cute.
Fluffy Golden Retriever Puppy
If you look at the tag in this picture you can see ‘Lucy’. And in previos one that she has a dog harness company that’s named after her!* How posh is that? * (May not actually be technically true.)
Fluffy Golden Retriever Puppy Looking Coy
I miss Lucy. Maybe I can find her if I go out looking this weekend.
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Dog of the Day: Albie the Dachshund Puppy

Albieeeeee! Albie the adorable! Albie is a four month old foofly wiener, or possibly a golden retriever puppy who left his legs at home for the walk.

Too many pictures and too much cute to caption or hovertext, so you’ll just have to fill them in for yourselves.

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