Dog of the Day: Miniature Poodle Mix

Pretty sure this is a pup that I dogsat a couple of times, but I can’t remember her name. She was the one who liked to look out the window, silently judging me as I walked by her apartment, though.

Can’t believe I never posted these photos before.

Small Grey Poodle Mix In A Coat

She was a very calm and mellow pup to sit. And quite tolerant, as you can see here.

Small Grey Poodle Mix In A Coat

We sat for hours in front of a TV, me poking at my laptop and watching “Archer”, and her staring dreamily out the window.

Small Grey Poodle Mix

Of course, she did like her walks. Brief walks.

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Sunday Switchup: Dessert From Chouchou Bakery Bistro

I’ve dropped by Chouchou a couple of times during the time I’ve been here, although I don’t get down to that area (Twin Peaks) very often. It’s a lovely little place, with yummy food. Don’t think I’ve had dessert there before, though, so I ordered two this time. After all, too much is never enough.

Chouchou Bakery Bistro's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Pie

First, their Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Pie: 4.5 out of 5!

Yummy. The peanut butter mousse is fluffy and rich, the chocolate cake/cookie layers are soft enough not to moosh the mousse out but firm enough to provide a nice contrast. The crunchy bits on top are a lovely contrast.

The strawberry is probably great for presentation in the restaurant, but in the little plastic box it really wasn’t necessary.

Chouchou Bakery Bistro's Chocolate Cake

They call this “Chocolate Cake” but it costs a lot more than that: 4 out of 5

The detailed description says “Layers of chocolate cream, hazelnut cream, hazelnut crunch and chocolate glaze.” It turns out to be somewhat difficult to get out of the bowl without it falling apart, but I’m not going to take points off for that, even if it does make for less of a good picture than it otherwise could.

So how is it? It pushes all the right buttons, just like the chocolate bunny at ONE65. But it just doesn’t push them quite as well. The crunchy part, the hazelnut crunch, isn’t quite as distinctive. The mousse/cream is quite good, admittedly, but the chocolate glaze is a little sticky. Basically, it’s very good, and I would have no hesitation about ordering it again, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

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Caturday Supplement: Baker the Tuxedo and Bend The Black Kitty

Autumn had to look after these two for a bit, and in that time they managed to steal several of her things. Culminating in her glasses. Which she managed to find behind the fridge, along with several feathers, a half-dozen hair ties, a small pile of plastic wrappers, and two toy mice. I asked her if she was sure they weren’t ferrets, so she send me some pictures to prove their cattitude. And so many of them were awesome that I’m just going to dump them all on you and drown you in cute.

The first one is my favorite, though. Not just because of the inquisitive face, but because of the other kitty plotting mischief in the background.

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Dog of the Day: Atlas the Blue Great Dane

Aw, Atlas (6) doesn’t seem all that blue to me!

Woman Petting Blue Great Dane

Some Danes stay as gangly as puppies for their entire lives.

Blue Great Dane

Notice the sign in the background. It is indeed!

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Dog of the Day: Reggie the Singing Jack Russell Terrier Mix

It’s been ages since I ran into Reggie (@deareggie on Instagram), back in 2017. But he’s very memorable, so I remember him well. When I walked up to him, his mom was singing ‘Happy Birthday To You’, as I recall because it was a favorite of his. And he was singing along.

Woman Holding Howling Jack Russell Terrier Mix

It took me ages to post these because I had to figure out how to extract video from a ‘live photo’.

And then the two of them did a command performance of The Star Strangled Banter. Or something like that.

Of course, everybody hits the occasional sour note. This one has to be one of the strangest sounds I’ve ever heard a dog make:

Woman Holding Disgruntled Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Reggie has a very expressive face, doesn’t he?

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Dog of the Day: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pretty sure this pic came from Autumn. Not sure who the pup is but he sure is a cutie.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Buried Nose-Down In The Grass

Pemmies can be awfully stubborn. This one looks like he’s decided he doesn’t want to walk any more just now.

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Caturday Supplement: Pino Pepper and Angelica

Thanks to Autumn, who helped out someone for one day when they were moving, I have a Caturday supplement again! Even better, it’s some old friends, Pino Pepper and Angelica. Let’s see how they’re getting on, shall we?

Ragdoll Mix Cat Looking Disgruntled

Angelica looks just about the same as she did last time…

Giant Fluffy Half Maine Coon Half Ragdoll Cat

…but someone else has gotten LORG!

Giant Fluffy Half Maine Coon Half Ragdoll Cat Playing

Autumn pronounced herself ‘rather in love with this cat’. I can see why. Humongous and playful and cuddly!

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Dog of the Day: Golden Retriever

Can’t remember what the cone was for… a hot spot maybe? Didn’t slow her down any, in any case.

Golden Retriever With Cone Sticking Head Against Ground

This posture plus a long tongue let her get whatever treat she was after.

Golden Retriever In Cone

Took this in the middle of Berkeley. I miss Berkeley. And everywhere else outside of my apartment. Sigh.

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Dog of the Day: Bumper the Goldendoodle Puppy

I ran into Bumper back three years ago, when he was just five months old. Apparently he has since moved to St Paul, or so says his Instagram page.

Too much cuteness for captions or hovertext. Just enjoy the show.

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Dog of the Day: German Shepherd

A gawky adolescent German shepherd. I didn’t manage to stop them for a photo session, so this action shot will have to do.

German Shepherd Looking Alert

I did get a lick, so that was good at least.

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