GrumpyCaturday Supplement

Berkeley SPCA was having an event today: they were showing off their new mobile adoption center: a big van full of comfy-looking animal compartments (and adorable animals) that they can take around to different places to hold adoption events. And they manage to snag rather a big name to help them celebrate their new acquisition.

So, I spent a chunk of this afternoon standing in line so I could get a picture with Grumpy Cat. The movie is really not my kind of thing, so I probably won’t be seeing it, but I thought I’d be pretty remiss in my duties as a pet blogger if I didn’t at least get a photo when I got the opportunity. So… here’s GC, and me.

Adam Lang And Grumpy Cat Tardar Sauce Sleeping

I really feel for the kitty. She’s a real trouper, helping to raise money for various animal-related charities, but I was happy to see that she was getting plenty of cat naps.

Grumpy Cat Sleeping In Front Of A Photograph Of Herself

No touching was allowed. Pity, that.

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