Sleepy Sunday Switchup: Sea Lions

I realize I post a fair number of pictures of these guys, but hey… I like ’em.

Sea Lions Sleeping On Top Of One Another On Pier 39 In San Francisco

I love their teeny tiny ears.

Sea Lion Grinning At The Camera On Pier 39 San Francisco

I have six shots of this guy, all taken right in a row. In only one of them, the third one, he grinned at me like this, just for a split second.

Sea Lion With Neck Twisted Sideways Sleeping On Pier 39 San Francisco

I swear sea lions have some ferret in them.

Row Of Sea Lion Tails On Pier 39 San Francisco

I was taking this one to get a picture of the ridiculously little bitty tails, but then this guy in the water kept bobbing up and down in front of ’em.

Male Sea Lion Scratching His Face With His Tail Flipper, Pier 39, San Francisco

For some reason when I first saw this guy’s picture I thought ‘Alfred Hitchcock.’ Now I don’t see the resemblance. The brain is a funny thing.

Silhouette Of A Sea Lion, Pier 39, San Francisco

Every lazy Sunday must eventually come to an end.

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