Double Dog Day: Young German Shepherds

Don’t have any notes for these two, but I seem to recall that they were a little under a year old when I ran into them.

Two Young German Shepherds Sitting

I somehow think of German shepherds as the frat boys of the canine world.

Two Young German Shepherds

They sure are gorgeous.

Two Young German Shepherds

I’m not sure what the coloration on the back pup is, aside from ‘a lot more sable than I’m used to seeing on a German shepherd’.

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2 Responses to Double Dog Day: Young German Shepherds

  1. Daphne says:

    They look really cute!
    Looking at the black pup, I think it might actually be a Malinois (also known as a Belgian Shepard dog) (:

    • Adam Lang says:

      Could be! Definitely slender for a German, and also the coloring is unusual. I figured maybe just very young, but could be a Malinois too.

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