Dog of the Day: Hayden the Double Aussie Surprise!

(Pronounced ‘Hay Den’.) Half Australian Cattle Dog, half Australian Shepherd. So he likes sheep, cows, balls, his own tail, and everybody.

Australian Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd Mix

The blue merle pattern on the fluffy coat? Gorgeous.

Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler Mix

The fur is super-soft, too. This guy would make a good dog to bring with you when winter camping.

Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog Mix

The camera took a little collateral 'lick' damage here, always a hazard when photographing dogs.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Hayden the Double Aussie Surprise!

  1. Samantha Snyder says:

    Hello! I stumbled upon these picture and I notice that my Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd mix looks the exact same! I would like to share some photos with the owner of this dog because I’ve never seen a dog so similar! They even look like they act the same! Thanks!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Well, I haven’t seen Hayden in a couple years, but if I do see him or his owner I will give them a shout. If you want, feel free to post a link to some pictures of your dog here: even if Hayden’s owner doesn’t notice, I would love to see them myself!

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