Dog of the Day: Our Old Friend, Charley the Finnish Spitz Mix

A contented dog to start your holiday weekend off right.

* Updated, adding the name of this awesome dog.

Finnish Spitz Mix

Who's got the Buddha nature? You do! You've got the Buddha nature! *bellyrubs*

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10 Responses to Dog of the Day: Our Old Friend, Charley the Finnish Spitz Mix

  1. Matthew Holt says:

    This is our dog Charley, who is often outside CrossRoads and is frequently in comas at 3 am and 3pm, but not always Buddha-like calm!

    He certainly looks like a Finnish Spitz, but he might be a little big. Also for sure has some Chow in him

    • Sam says:

      I had a dog named Sheba Sue that looked very much like Charlie! She just passed Nov 2014, after 14 years….beautiful dog…got her at 7 months. Sheba was found outside by humane society, here in colorado. Initially, I thought finnish spitz mix…pink & black tongue, curled tail, piercing black lined gold eyes, red gold fur…moulted twice yearly. Yipped like a coyote as a pup and local wolf rescue said most likely a coypup ( farmdog/coyote mix).
      Sheba was awesome with kids, small dogs, people, but not cats, chickens,
      or livestock. Sheba was highly intelligent and amazing. People admired
      her everywhere we went!! I’ll miss her forever….and would get another
      coydog in a heartbeat! I only had to let her know I was her ‘A’ dog master
      and had to keep her leashed as a pup, because she could scale cliffs and
      run free for miles, like the wind! Her small head, large furry ears, piercing
      triangular shaped gold eyes, black tipped red-gold fur…all a mix of coyote
      and farm dog…border collie health& physical traits also evidenced by…hip dysplasia & cancer. We were a perfect match…both carnivores, in need of high protein diets (no gluten). Love to Charley….regards from Sheba Sue!
      Perhaps they’ll meet in doggy heaven one day…hope so!!! Blessings, Sam

      • Adam Lang says:

        Well, I’m sorry to hear of your loss, but it sounds like you had amazing companion for 14 years.

        Next time I see Charlie (I see him every couple of months, and he’s still doing great) I’ll give him a scratch behind the ears for you.

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  3. Renee ORCELIA Lobato says:

    I have a dog that looks exactly like your dog Charlie and we live in colorado

    • Adam Lang says:

      Wow, really? I have never seen another dog that looked like Charlie before, and I’ve posted literally thousands of dogs on this blog. Do you happen to have any pictures of your pup online?

  4. Amanda Hart says:

    My dog Aries looks like a miniature version of Charlie, i was told he was a golden retriever/germen shepherd by the shelter, but I’m thinking Finnish Spitz/golden Retriever.

  5. Amanda Hart says:

    We’ve had him one him one month now, so far he’s very interested in following my 3 cats around, and “points” so possibly. He’s a very loyal type, follows me around the house with every single move I make, we’re home training him for basic commands and he’s picking up skills within a week. I haven’t really gotten any guard dog vibes but he hasn’t been put in a situation to be protective yet, I do assume with how much he follows and checks on me, that if he thought I was in need of help he’d get protective, but on the other hand he could just be making sure I’m around for his own sake.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Finnish spitzes aren’t really guard dogs or herders, but they are hunting dogs, so what you’ve said so far fits pretty well. They’re pretty smart, too.

      Any pictures of him online? I’d love to see! If not, maybe you could post one at and put a link in a comment?

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