Dog of the Day: Bouvier des Flandres

Never heard of ’em. But apparently this guy is a pretty good specimen.

Edit: There is some controversy in the comments about the breed ID. If the ID were one I provided, I’d change it, but this one was provided by the dog owner, so I’m going to stick with it for now. If someone can give me a good positive ID, I’ll change it. (People are suggesting ‘goldendoodle’ or ‘labradoodle’ in the comments, but if so, this would be the biggest one I’d ever seen… even bigger (taller) than Hannibal the Animal.)

Look at that coat. He's not a mop, he's like thirty mops!

Look at that coat. He's not a mop, he's like thirty mops!

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15 Responses to Dog of the Day: Bouvier des Flandres

  1. Hope says:

    Sorry, but it’s a “BAD EXAMPLE” of Bouvier des Flandres. This color is not admited in the standard (FCI ). Of this form the people will not know the Bouvier, and this race is losing his origins. Sorry for my english but I’m spanish.

  2. Dee Dunn says:

    This does not look like a bouvier or even a bouv mix – nose to crown ratio is too long, ears are way too long and wrong shape – look like poodle ears, too long in the back – again, it sits like a poodle, chest is not broad enough for even a young bouver. Looks like a poodle mix – maybe a labradoodle?

    • Bayla says:

      11 years later I stumble upon this website in search of bouvier owners like ourselves and I see this peculiar breed ? Is it a Sharpadoodle (I went with that because Poodlepay just didn’t sound right.:)

  3. Pat says:

    Dee, agreed. I’ve done a lot of bouvier rescue so have seen all sorts of poorly bred bouvs– this looks more like a labradoodle or golden-doodle.

  4. Adam Lang says:

    Could well be something other than a Bouvier, although the owner thought he was a Bouvier. (Rescue, though, so who knows?)

    But I can tell you right now, unless he’s some kind of sport, he’s certainly not a goldendoodle or labradoodle. He’s just too big.

  5. Frutiflypie says:

    That is NOT a Bouvier LOL. I’m a groomer and have done SO many Golden and Labradoodles that are ENORMOUS!.. Much taller then a Bouvier and some 150 pounds, ( they were very chubby but many dogs are ).. Trust me..That is in no way shape or form a Bouvier, you have me laughing so hard 😀

    Golden Doodle

    Fawn Bouvier

    Just in case someone wants to see what a Bouvier looks like in fawn 😀

  6. Loopy de Loop says:

    The dog in your photo is adorable but a bouv he is not.

    Regarding his size, Goldendoodles and Labradoodles are mixed breeds, they can be bigger or smaller than a purebred golden or Lab.

    Bouviers des Flandres with natural ears and tails:

  7. Diane says:

    definately NOT a bouv!

    Reporter needs to verify facts. Just goes to show, you can’t believe everything you read! 🙂

    Again NOT a bouv!

  8. Frutiflypie says:

    PS.. Your dog hannibal is bigger then most Bouvier.. Bouvier aren’t giant dogs 🙂 females are generally aroud 75 80 lbs… Males around 90 to 100.. Quite often less

  9. MICKY says:


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  11. Angela says:

    My dog is a mixture of breeds..
    Same coloring as this pup on here..

  12. PCleary says:

    Late with a reply, but I just saw this post… I think that this dog could easily be a Bouvier with natural ears. I grew up with three purebreds (two blacks and a grey) and Bouviers can definitely have a “doodlish” look about them. A lot depends on how they are groomed.

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