Dog of the Day: More Tidus

Well, I’ve managed to squirm down below the 5 gig mark, and am still working on long-term plans; I was sort of hoping not to start spending significant amounts of money on this blog, unless it started making me a little money. But, on the other hand… it’s fun. I briefly considered adding advertising, but… well… ugh. I have almost never seen blog ads that I didn’t think were ugly and intrusive at least some of the time.

Well, we’ll see what happens. In the mean time, posts will be a bit short, so I can maximize my available space. I promise I’ll have all this sorted by the beginning of the next phase of the photography contest, where blog visitors will be able to vote on the finalists of each category, which will probably be around the second week in July. (There’s still time to submit!)

Anyway, here’s a picture I quite like of Autumn and Tidus the corgi.

Autumn Rhodes of the San Francisco Pup Scouts Dog Walkers and Tidus the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Autumn loves her job. Can’t you just tell?

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