Dog of the Day: Jinxster the Corgi/German Shepherd Puppy

Here’s Jinxster! I thought I was posting pictures of him once before, but that turns out to have been bad note-taking on my part. This is him, in all his six-month-old adorable cuddly glory.

I’m trying out something new: apparently my version of wordpress now supports ‘galleries’. I have no idea what they look like, so you get to find out at the same time as I do. Voila!

Edit: Well, I’m going to call that experiment a failure. Probably would be fine if I didn’t like long captions though.

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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Jinxster the Corgi/German Shepherd Puppy

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  2. Rose Marie says:

    Great pictures, though and such a cute puppy!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Adorable. You should see some of the ones that were too blurry to put on the blog, he was sticking his head between dad’s knees and trying to stick his nose in my shirt.

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