Double Dog Day: Foxy the German Shepherd/Shiba Inu/Australian Cattle Dog mix (?) and Golden Friend

Well, that’s what Dad thinks she is, and I’m not going to argue. She does look a fair bit like a Shiba Inu, certainly, only a lot closer in size to a German shepherd. And she has recently acquired a squeaky toy, as you will see, and she is totally as obsessed with the thing as any Australian cattle dog could ever be. So it’s not a bad guess.

Her friend, obviously, is about as golden a retriever as ever retrieved.

[edit: stuck four more pictures below the fold.]

Golden Retriever and Very Mixed Breed

If you look closely, you can see that Foxy has something in her mouth. That's her new squeaky toy.

Golden Retriever and Shiba Inu/German Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog Mix

That's dad, and he just threw the squeaky toy. Also: look at that tail. Easy to see why she's called 'Foxy'.

Golden Retriever and Shiba Inu/German Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Of course, there aren't a lot of things fluffier than a golden retriever butt.

Golden Retriever and Shiba Inu/German Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Gotta love that body language there. Someone is VERY protective of that squeaky toy...

Golden Retriever and Shiba Inu/German Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Who says dogs can't laugh? (Sorry for the crappy quality... I thought the expression was worth it.)

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20 Responses to Double Dog Day: Foxy the German Shepherd/Shiba Inu/Australian Cattle Dog mix (?) and Golden Friend

  1. Rheanna says:

    Wow! I have a Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix and she looks just like her! Mine has the black saddle marks on her back like a shepgerd but same face and tail. Our girl Smoochy is 7 years old and very sweet unless her Redbone Coonhound brother Rusty annoys her. She is definitely the dominant one here.

    • Adam Lang says:

      I see Foxy once every few weeks at a local park, and I have to say, he’s a favorite of mine. So much fun to watch!

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  3. I have a 7 month old puppy that is has the same tail as foxy, it was told to me her mom was full blooded Belgian Malinois, but my puppy, Shabba, is multicolored with cream, reddish, and black like a cattle australian dog. I’ve never seen a dog with a tail like hers till now, Foxy is the first one I’ve seen. I’ve been wanting to get her DNA test because she is built so much like a fox.

  4. Amelia says:

    We too have what we think is a Shiva/German shepherd mix! 🙂 also called foxy…she is the double of your ‘foxy’ x

  5. Dan says:

    Our dog looks a lot like yours, except with a slightly thicker coat and the color pattern of a German Shepherd. She has the same tail, although not arched as much. DNA test said she was an Australian Cattle Dog & Chow mix, with some German Shepherd. She does have the colored tongue, but behaves nothing like a Chow (fortunately) and also loves her squeaky toys. Other than that, same ears, same build, and the first image looks a lot like her from the top. She even has the dark lined eyes, with the little streak leading from the edge of the eyes to the ears.

  6. Samantha Coover says:

    Aww. Foxy is so beautiful! We have a rescue dog named Cora here in San Diego and people are constantly calling her a fox or dingo! Her tail doesn’t curl like Foxy’s, though. We love her look and think she is a shepherd/basenji mix, but many people have suggested she has some Shiba Inu and I guess I couldn’t argue with that. I have several photos of her on my Instagram (sjcoover).

    • Adam Lang says:

      Aww! She’s gorgeous! She is totally German shepherd. Not sure about basenji (a fellow blogger once commented that if you counted all the ‘basenji mixes’ in the world they’d outnumber their supposed basenji parents by a factor of 100) but whatever she is it’s awesome. I absolutely love this picture:

      (BTW, I saw Foxy today! She was zipping around and having a grand old time. So cute!)

  7. Angelie says:

    Wow! Foxy almost looks identical to my dog, Mabel Foxgloves! 😀 My jaw dropped when I saw this picture. I had to guess what she is as well, and my guess is German Shepherd/Border Collie. I saw her brother when I bought her, and he was white and dark gray spots all over. You wouldn’t have guessed they were from the same litter. Wish there was a way I could share my picture of Mabel. Cheers!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Check back here over the weekend: I am working on a ‘how to’ for sharing your photos on the internet and linking to them here.

  8. Augustus says:

    My Mr. Herbert Foxington looks JUST like Foxy!!!! I mean… identical. Right down to the white tip at the end of his tail. I just adopted him about a week ago and he was listed as a red heeler and the vet said he thinks Herbie has some Shiba in him as well.

    Hard to tell from the pictures, but your dog looks like he may be a bit bigger. Not sure if that’s from genetics, or the fact that he was found emaciated and wandering around a reservation in NM, so he may have been undernourished in his growing phase.

    If you wanna shoot me an email we can compare dogs! I’m thinking of getting him a DNA test because it’s driving me crazy on what all he is comprised of.

  9. Lyndsey Hanks says:

    Hey there! My doggo is also basically identical. Have always called him a shiba/shepherd mix but have hat vet techs sneer that he isn’t a shiba. I have never seen a dog that looks closer in the face than a shiba tho.

    • Adam Lang says:

      There are a few other breeds that look kind of like bigger shibas, including some of the Korean Jindos (although they are a breed with VERY wide variation.)

      Are there any pictures of your pup online? Post links!

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