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Sunday Switchup: Anna’s Humingbird

Anyway, Autumn and I were hiking last weekend and saw a little knot of people staring at something in a bush. As we got closer, we discovered that it was an Anna’s hummingbird, maybe five feet away from the closest … Continue reading

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Sunday Switchup: Black-Crowned Night-Heron?

I start my new job tomorrow… everyone wish me luck. I ran into this fine lady (maybe? Apparently the females are smaller…) when I was visiting Marin’s WildCare Center, where Autumn and I are members. But no, this is not a rescued … Continue reading

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Roll of 28(+1) Day 25: Birthday Pinnipeds!

For my birthday, Autumn and I went up to the Marine Mammal Center, in the Marin headlands, just north of SF. They were pretty empty, January and February being their slow season, but there were still five occupants, three of … Continue reading

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Dog of the Day: Peaches the Chow/Wheaten Terrier/Poodle Mix?

The breed mix of this snorgly and cheerful young dog is a total guess on mom’s part. The blue tongue doesn’t necessarily mean chow, but in this case I wouldn’t be at all surprised. Funny thing about this pup: I … Continue reading

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